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Friday, 4/21 @ Downtown and Vine (solo) 6pm (Sacramento)

Sunday, 4/23 @ Shady Lady w/ Jon Bafus, 9:30pm (Sacto)

Monday, 4/24 @ Luna's w/ Amy Reed 7:30pm (Sacramento)

Friday, 4/28 @ Gold Lion Arts w/ Amy Reed, 8pm (Sacto)

Sunday, 4/30 @ ETA (solo), 9pm (Los Angeles)

Thursday, 5/4 @ Odd Fellow's Hall (solo), 7pm (Davis)


*Every Saturday Morning @ Old Soul (Alley Location), 10AM-Noon Sacramento

**Every Wednesday @ Kupro's. 7:30pm Sacramento

My Music



One of the more prevalent issues in music right now is how music streaming companies are changing the way people listen to music. Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc have taken control of the music market and are defining the avenues that listeners take to hear the music they want. While the upside of this is convenience and cost, the ugly downside is the payoffs for artists who's music is being played. Stories of low to no payouts are common.

As an alternative to hoping, praying and ultimately waiting for fair payouts, I've set up a subscription account at my bandcamp page. Bandcamp is probably the most artist friendly service out there, and this new subscription service is convenient, easy and fair.

My annual subscription gets fans 4 records from my back catalog immediately upon signup. After that, subscribers get one exclusive release per month (live shows, film music, solo tracks, etc). I'll be releasing these regular bonus tracks on the first week of each month. That, along with early release dates of new albums make this a cool service, and a nice way to connect with anyone who supports my music.

Please take a minute to check out this option. In the age of Spotify, Apple Music and less-than-ethical music streaming services, this is a fair option for artists to control their released work. In short, it's a game changer!

My subscription is $20 annually. 

Check it and help support the arts!