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Duo w/ Vinny Golia Reviewed!

VINNY GOLIA and ROSS HAMMOND - Self/titled (Prescott Recordings; USA) Featuring Vinny Golia on mezzo-soprano & B-flat soprano saxes, alto flute & bass clarinet and Ross Hammond on acoustic 12-string guitar. Longtime LA multi-reed wizard, Vinny Golia and Sacramento-based guitarist Ross Hammond have been collaborating over the past few years with some four previous discs of mostly quartets (with Steuart Liebig & Alex Cline). Mr. Hammond has been playing more acoustic guitar recently and this is his duo with Mr. Golia. Mr. Golia collects and has one of the biggest collections of reeds hence he uses different ones on each session. On the opener, “Aslaning”, Golia plays some amazing, dardevil flute, one reed he uses rarely. It sounds perfect with Mr. Hammond’s orchestral-sounding 12-string. Golia sounds even better on soprano slyly sailing as the Hammond spins up a storm, occasionally adding bits of slide here and there for “A Pavlonian Response to Water”. When Golia switches to bass clarinet, he goes even further out and has a rich, expressive tone. Each piece gets better as these two grower tighter and turn things into an intense dialogue, weaving ideas around one another superbly. Much of this duo is riveting, especially the probing 12-string sounds of Ross Hammond, who keeps getting better all the time! - Bruce Lee Gallanter (Downtown Music Gallery)

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