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Monday, 7/23 @ Luna's Cafe, w/ Jon Bafus 7:30pm Sacramento

Sunday 8/12 @ Shady Lady w/ Jon Bafus, 9pm Sacramento

Monday, 8/13 @ Blue Whale w/ Sameer Gupta's A Circle Has No Beginning 9pm, Los Angeles

Thursday, 8/16 @ Center for New Music w/ Sameer Gupta's A Circle Has No Beginning, 8pm San Francisco

Friday, 8/17 @ Gold Lion Arts w/ Sameer Gupta (duo), 8pm Sacramento

Sunday, 8/19 @ Freight & Salvage w/ Sameer Gupta's A Circle Has No Beginning, 8pm Berkeley


*Every Tuesday at Luna's Cafe, Noon-1pm

**Every Wednesday at Kupros,  7pm

**Every Saturday at Old Soul (alley location), 10am


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In August of 2017 I ordered a custom Pleinview acoustic guitar from Pittsburgh luthier Raymond Morin. After several months of getting texted pictures and updates of the building process my guitar arrived in late February, 2018. The day after receiving my guitar I recorded seven improvisations at Gold Lion Arts in Sacramento during the middle of a heavy rainstorm. 

The songs were recorded directly to a 2 track reel-to-reel with one microphone. There's no sweetening, mastering, reverb or any treatments to the recording (except the natural compression of the tape). The music was transferred to my iPad and converted to WAV files. The hissing on some tracks is the sound of the rainfall on the roof. 

Also available as a straight analog-to-analog cassette release (limited to 40 copies). The cassettes have no digital element to them. They were recorded straight off the reel-to-reel (and sound great!). 

Thanks for listening to this. I love the guitar (thanks Raymond!) and wanted to have a true document of it as a recording. 



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