Guitarist, Coffee Addict, Dad and Hat Collector


Wednesday, June 17 @ Kupro's (solo) 7pm, Sacramento
Saturday, June 20 @ Old Soul (solo) 10am, Sacramento
Friday, June 26 @ Shady Lady with Jon Bafus and Gerry Pineda, 9:30pm no cover
Saturday, June 27 @ Old Soul (solo) 10am, Sacramento
Sunday, June 28 @ Gold Lion Arts w/ Steuart Liebig, Tony Passarell, Dax Compise and Clifford Childers, 7:30pm $10
Monday, June 29 @ Luna's Cafe with Lowburn (Steuart Liebig and Jon Bafus) 7:30pm, $10
Tuesday, June 30 @ Gold Lion Arts with CRKD Quartet, opening for Bad Luck. 7:30pm, $10
Wednesday, July 1 @ Kupro's (solo) 7pm, Sacramento


"Free jazz guitarist's solo acoustic effort makes for stimulating listening…" 
-Kenny Berkowitz, Acoustic Guitar Magazine 

"Like the rest of this intimate, unamplified and beautifully immediate performance, influences were strictly support players for a sound that was serenely Hammond’s own creation." 
-Walter Tunis, 

"His use of the 12-string brings the greatest rewards, and his range of original tunes provides all kinds of room for nuance and grand pronouncements both." 
-Dave Sumner, 

"Guitarist meant for bigger things tries his hand at folk-oriented solo pastorale...using 6-string, 12-string, and acoustic slide for a whiff of blues, originals, several trad. pieces...recorded on locations throughout California-- if not roots, at least digging in. B+" 
-Tom Hull, 

"Flight" could easily get lost in the flurry of new recordings but do give this music your attention. Ross Hammond has created a program that takes you out away from the craziness of every-day life; this is music that, ultimately and intimately, soothes the soul, an instrumental salve for your trying times. " 
-Richard Kamins, 

"An inventive musician with lots of ideas; here they are corraled into highly engaging arrangements that reflect the highs and lows of a hard-working musician's lot." 
-Jason Kennedy, The Ear Magazine

"What amazes me about this disc is that Mr. Hammond sounds as if he has been playing this way for a long time, each piece is well-handled and complete, mature and thoughtfully done."                                                               -Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter (NYC) 

"His solo music is a testament to the notion that there is plentiful depth, soul, and, in all meanings of the term, “swing” in guitar playing that embraces diverse musical strategies while striking out, in definitive fashion, on its own journey." 
-Mike Barella, 

"Throughout Flight there is enough ambient sound, fret squeaks and string buzz and overall sonic character to convey an honesty to this music that is inviting... full to the brim with the kind of character that embodies the best creative improvisational music." 
-James Filkins, minor 7th 

"A rejuvenating spiritual aesthetic…" 
-Submerge Magazine, 4/2015 

"Rootsy and commited – and deadly serious in its artistry…", 2/2015 (Flight Review) 

"The stylistic freshness and breadth of vocabulary that distinguish an amalgam of influences from jazz, American folk, blues, tradition of spiritual music and world music…" 
-Sergio Piccirilli, 

"A sublime collection of songs…" 
-Christian Williams, Utne Reader 

"Hammond's guitar-playing remains as intricate as ever, but for this go-round, he channels his Kentucky roots for a record that's more Americana than jazz." 
-Shawn Cooke, PIttsburgh City Paper